You might be reading the title and scratching your head. How in the world can snoring affect me if I don’t snore? Allow me to explain. Did you know that a snoring partner shortens your life by a significant amount? Everyone is pretty shocked to find out this fact. But if you think about if for a moment all of that noise and not being able to sleep from it is not doing you any favors.

Sleep is actually very important. Its the process by which your body fixes itself and recovers. There are lots of processes that run in the brain while you sleep. During rem sleep they perform a cleanup so to speak. So if you are awake listening your partner snore all night or if you wake up during the night from all the noise, its almost as bad as if you snored.

Your partner more than likely has a condition where his air way in his throat gets blocked and limits the amount of air and oxygen that comes in. This issue can also cause a multitude of issues. This includes some pretty serious heart and circulatory system problems.

If you are reading this in bed with someone that snores, first thing tomorrow urge them to go get medical attention and see your primary care physician. They will more than likely refer you to a specialist who might be able to run more tests and determine if you are under any life threatening circumstances.